Saturday, 28 January 2012

Interactive recycling bin

Late night ideas led me to researching some interactive projects that are out in the wider public. I came across this you tube video of another research team who were also designing an interactive approach to make recycling fun and easy. I think the process that they go through to be very interesting as you get to see early drawings and sketches that are turned into prototypes to be tested. They really come from the user centered design process. Good work guys : )

I was also reading about bins that thanks you when you put rubbish into them. This was one of Britians ways of tackling the ongoing solution to clean the cities. The article can be read at Singing Rubbish BinsSing London's director, Colette Hiller, told Sky News: "Its ambition is to actually make people care about the place where they live and we want to do that by using fun as a way to bring the best out in people." This has been done in Sweden and a talking bin took three times more rubbish than a normal bin.