Monday, 30 April 2012

Presentation day

Civil Liberties and computer monitoring

Pretzi presentation

The presentation went well today and we had lots of fun putting everything together.I have photos of the T-Shirts and I must up-load them. Below is my final though

For Aristotle and Socrates there is nothing more important than the task of cultivating and practicing excellence as a human being, meaning as a human being engaged with making ethical and political judgments and choices. In particular, if we subordinate our cultivation of excellence as ethical and political beings to any other activity e.g. the pursuit of wealth or power – we thereby putt our capacity for reason and ethical judgment at risk.

Socrates and Arastotle argue that if we allow our interests in wealth and power to persuade us to judge and act against our reason and better judgment, we therby harm these capacities (just as we would harm a race horse, to use Socrates’ analogy, by using it as a plow-horse instead.

They both believe that reaching your maximum potential and being happy is still possible with moderate amount of Power and wealth. But the contrast danger is to let out interests in wealth and power overshadow our pursuit of excellence as ethical and political beings – and thereby, to paraphrase Jesus for centries later, to gain the whole world but to lose our souls.

Is it really worth it???