Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hunt Museum project

As part of the ‘Contemporary Art in the Public Realm’ module in Interactive media, we were given a brief to explore the concepts of scaling, miniature and invisibility within the Hunt museum. We have decided to create an instillation piece that would display a catalogue of the pieces that reflect the concept of the projects outline mentioned above. We propose to build an interactive table that would project the objects we choose onto the ceiling within the Captains room. This interactive table will be 24 inches square and a height of 35 inches. There will be four buttons on the piece that will allow the user in interactive with the projections, to choose an era with the catalogs of work, to stop the frame it will be on and to move back and forward. The projection will be animated to circulate on the roof and this will be very subtle so that it would not affect anybody with epilepsy. The interactive table will be either a dark green in color or black that it is in fitting with the color scheme within the room.

This video show the area in which the projection table will be. I feel that the design of the table will have to be subtle so that it fits with the feel and color of the room. It should be visible, but invisible at the same time.

This image is the picture of the ceiling, where the projection will circulate around the centre piece.