Friday, 17 February 2012

Group Presentation (Relation between Art and Design)

Today's morning class was a presentation on the Relation between Art and Design. There was some interesting points made by the group made about how the cross pollination between scientists and artists/Designers (idea of convergence) allows new ideas to be introduced into the art and design world. The group also talked about Vulgarism, and the idea of convergence art. The notion of how art can be be made for the sake of it, is it exploration and the real life problems that are addressed was also discussed. Also the idea of reapportion of art materials was an interesting topic and the group activity was to design a chair but also choose material that we could recycle and reappropriate. 
Also discussed was how art can be unclear. This idea that art is unclear that when you get a cross pollination. Can art become clear as a result of a decision input (affordances).
The presentation finished with how Photoshop is used and we had a fun exercise on how to use this software in a fun creative way.   

Dr. Gabriela Avram's class talk on Space and Place.

So in today's class we had a a great presentation on Space and Place. From the presentation we learned about how people build their habits in a place that they work in. So this idea of place which you share with people within a broader community.
We give a space some significance, meaning and place of interaction between other people. Also this idea that we are becoming more and more mobile, so this idea that we take our work to home. This idea of that we make a place, we go to coffee shops and sit on a lap top (Internet Cafe).
So what does mobility today require? It requires young people to use existing innovative technology to communicate with their friends. So what are new devices allowing us to do? They allow us to know the possibility of were good restaurants are, or even where our friends might be located in town when we go socializing.
So what are the consequences of this new technology that can give others our location?
This idea of dataVeillance. People can be traced by their digital footprint. An interesting point was talked about how the digital influences the physical.
We also touched on MeshUp, and the idea of combining a database with a map and how this can add to our digital footprint in regards of our current location.
The last thing we talked about was geosocial networks. What does this mean? Geo meaning world, so in theory, world social networks. People tweeting about things in their own place, creating a map of what is happening, a good example of this would be when and Earthquake happens, and people on location tweet about it This allows information to flow almost in realtime in relation to the event happening. This is a major move away from the depending on the national or global media.

Week 4 Semester 2

This video is part of a series that I am posting as a blog about my weekly experience of doing a masters in Interactive Media and Design at the University of Limerick.