Monday, 30 January 2012

The Bin Turbine (TurBin)

Today we got into groups for the class of contemporary art in the public realm. As I mentioned on the last post from Saturday, the main theme is recycling with the fun factor. I had an idea of a kinetic moving bin that would rotate using the wind and would generate small voltage using an alternator. This in turn would power the LEDs that would be mounted onto the side of the bin to give an optic effect or illusion of arrows moving upwards to the top of the bin to suggest and encourage people to put rubbish in the bin. 

I was excited about the prospect of using light as opposed to sound. The reason for this is because there seems to be a lot of research out in the public realm that supports sound in the use to promote binning rubbish. From my research there seems to be little use of light and I feel the element of using the wind could be very productive, depending of course on the location.

This leads me on to the final point. The project has to be situated on campus. So this had me thinking of what locations would be great to study the element of recycling and rubbish. The living bridge that links Limerick to Clare got me thinking of light and movement. The bridge moves and is also a spectacular sight at night because of how it is illlumanated. This is what triggered my initial idea of a kinetic moving bin that could be illuminated. Whoa! I have been exploring many different design ideas but this I think might be the most engaging and encouraging to help focus peoples attention to bin litter. The bridge is also an excellent location for a source of wind as it is directly above a strong moving river (Shannon) so there is always a mild degree of wind even on the calmest of days.

Bellow is some initial links that has helped me develop my ideas on the kinetic moving bin idea. I have drawings to explore my theory but I shall scan them tonight and upload them tomorrow when I get a chance and explore them in detail of how each part will operate. I have planed to have the Alternator inside the bin so that I don't have to play around with a slip ring for getting the DC voltage inside the moving parts. This week I plan to look at the research of how people use the bridge, where are the nearest bins to the bridge!!! And interview the caretakers who look after this department to see what is the most common rubbish to be found on this beautiful piece of engineering other than dog poop (which believe me you is no laughing joke!!!). 

So for tonight, if your looking at this the link above, it gives you a good inside on how the mechanics of the bin could work and the link bellow will give you an idea of how the lighting of the LEDs intend to work as night fall descends upon the bridge with kinetic bins (The Turbine Bin) spinning.

Also the music in this video is also quite beautiful, traditional crossed with celtic, could be fitting as you cross the bridge into Clare to the Irish World Academy of music, and just imagine, spinning bins with beautiful patterns of light. 

Sorry, I just keep posting amazing things that I come across. I find alternative forms of creating energy to be interesting and below is a great link to alternative wind turbines.

This link had me also thinking about an alternative design that could utilize this concept to make the bin Kinetic and more engaging to the idea of binning litter. A good website to check this out further is a company that develops these vertical wind turbines. It is called Wild Nature Solutions. This is a good link to understand the physics behind how a vertical wind turbine works.

Another Name for the project that came to mind, "The Bin Winder".

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