Monday, 13 February 2012

Arduino Fun Time

Today in Mikaels class we started to learn about the Arduino board. Lots of fun and I'm looking forward to implementing this technology into my Interactive Bin Project. So the fun begins. Today's class was mostly electronics, fundamental basics, however over the next few weeks we plan to build a theremin using a light dependent diode in conjunction with the Ardunio board. So what does the board look like....

So how am I going to implement this into my work. Well I have yet to figure out the final detail of the electronic side of things however an new thing popped up in class was the Piezo crystal. This is a fantastic material. Sensitive to light, temperature and pressure. Whaoo... what a material and produces a voltage. In relation to the pressure pads that I was thinking about, the piezo crystal could possible be used as an alternative. 

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