Friday, 3 February 2012


I was on the website of Cultural Lab Newcastle researching for articles that are associated with my end of year project when I came across the BinCam project. It is a project that aimed to increase individuals' awareness of their food, waste and recycling behavior. 

How the bin works is that photos are tagged using a crowd sourcing service and uploaded to the BinCam application on a social network site. This is to encourage playful engagement and to make a reflection upon a user's personal bin data. Another interactive element is that people can review and share communications about the bin-related behavior of themselves and others. 
The Link to the website can be found at Digital Interaction at Cultural Lab

BinCam is a collaborative research project between the Digital Interaction group in Culture Lab at Newcastle UniversityLiSC at the University of Lincoln and the University of Duisburg Essen.

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