Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A busy Wednesday

Today we had another interesting development using Flash. I came across a very good tutorial that shows you how to build a website using action script. It is presented by Paul Trani on the Adobe TV website. I used his tutorials before to help me build my first website using html and I find his method and approach to teaching very easy to follow. Thanks Paul for the great help and all the tips that I have learnt form your tutorials. I haven't actually finished his tutorials using action script however its coming together bit by bit. Have a look at the link above, it really is worth the while to take the time to go through some of the things he suggests. 
Also today we were discussing in more depth the world of digital media and ethics. I have got my hands on Charles Ess's book, "Digital Media Ethics". I have only started reading this book and each week we will be discussing each chapter in class as the term progresses. I have dipped into a few pages and it seems to be a very informative read.
Last thing to mention for the night, I have been doing some further thinking on what path my final project is going to take. I'm confident of the general area of research as I mentioned last week, however I have been thinking which group of people would be best to engage with to do my study. I have a meeting on Friday to discuss this with one of my Tutors and hopefully between now and the weekend I would like to be on a clearer path so that at the beginning of week three (next week) I can commence my observations and gather as much data as possible to help inform my design decision. 
Between now and the weekend, when I do get a free minute, I will post all the drawings and sketches that I have been working on this week. Some really interesting developments on the Litter bin project. So many ideas, yet no money or resources to build, so it comes down to what's available financially and within the time frame because you could look at this project in terms of a final year project. All very exciting : )  

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