Thursday, 9 February 2012


After college I met a friend for hot chocolate in Scholars bar beside the Spar shop at the University. Yes, this is indeed the area were I will be designing for. When we left Scholars, what do you think I seen at the picnic tables.... Mountains of RUBBISH (I wish I took a photo to prove this to you all). It really is disgusting and frustrating, yet this fuels my design motivation because I want to solve this problem. Furthermore, I know for fact (because I was told by the caretaker) that this area is swept down and cleaned last thing before they finish work. So it's clearly the students problem for their dirty habits. This really frustrated me tonight, and it's not like there is no bins. In a 10 meter radius I think there is 5 or more bins, so there is no excuse for this RUBBISH behavior. I can't wait to finish my designing stage and get the prototype on site to test it, to really see can an interactive approach to using bins really make a difference! Time will tell...

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