Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sketches and drawings for Bin Project

Drawings and Sketches form my Sketch book for the Interactive Bin Project.

Bouncy Bin (top image) and TurBin (Turbine Bin bottom image)

This first idea I explained a few days a go on this blog. Its about how to create an interactive bin that rotates in the wind, and as it rotates it would light up a series of LED's to highlight the bins presence to encourage the disposal of rubbish. 

Bouncy Bin 

This final idea is what we decided to research and focus on for the Interactive bin Project. We wanted to address the litter problem that generates from the picnic tables outside the Scholars bar and Spar shop at the University of Limerick. So we decided to create pressure pad seats that will trigger when someone gets off their seat. When this happens a voice will remind them to put their litter in the nearest bin. We have also been looking at the prospect of designing a bin that is attached to the table so that when the pressure switch is released (when someone get off the seat) then the bin lid goes up and again a voice reminds them to dispose of their litter and we could also attach lights to increase the bins visibility. 

The interactive bin/picnic table 

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