Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dr. Gabriela Avram's class on Mobile and Local

Today's class was the last of the series of lectures and from here on we will be looking at our individual projects and the research behind these.

Today's talk was very about being Local and mobile. I felt this was a very relevant discussion considering that today's technological advancements has allowed us to be more mobile within our own communities. Mobile phones allow a group of friends to communicate or a business to generate sales. Considering the function of mobile phones, they serve their purpose very well. The other interesting fact that I came across was that it was the military that designed the mobile phone to allow more accurate communication between their commanders in the field.  Another interesting fact that came about as part of research was that in an emergency or if its urgent we tend to call rather than text.

Another fact that we discussed is the use of CPS by the police to know the whereabouts of people who would be on probation. This brought up another interesting point that because of this technology it would force those who are wearing such devices to consider re-structuring their place with time, considering that the device they wear has to be re-charged every 5 hours, this would involve the person to get up in the night to recharge their device that can't be taken off, including structuring their occupation.

Finally we also discussed the layer apps for Iphone and how this allows augmented reality. So for example, the app that allows you to look at the sky and by doing so it will indicate and show you what stars you are looking at and the consolations. So layer apps are going in the direction of 2.0 Also 4 square and private square was also discussed.

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