Saturday, 17 March 2012

FTIR Multitouch and Display Device

This evening I was further researching possible solution to display the art work from my focus groups. At the moment we have developed a lot of material, that is all strong art work that shows the process the group has went through. I had previously been looking a reactables and now I have been further researching into new possibilities. The link FTIR Multitouch and Display Device, is a good site that explains a possible solution to display the work that we are doing. I have also come across a research paper that looks at this in further detail, Visualization and prototyping of a multitouch display device. I feel that this could be a a good solution, an from what the group has been talking about, in relation to what we want  to display, this technology could be very appropriate. 

Another site also showed me the process and different steps needed to develop this Multitouch Display Device. They were explaining how it was possible to create this device out of the basic elements that most people would have available to them. 

If you click on the following link, How to build a FTIR, it will show you a video and all the basic elements that you need to build you touch screen interface. The video below is a great outline of how to build the table. But what I still need to figure out is the software that I will need to allow me to present my images. I would imagine when your coding, it would be pacifically for touchscreen.

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