Friday, 2 March 2012

Group presentation

Today the group presenting were discussing the work being developed in the domain of AI. They discussed how computer games are studying real world experiences and finding new ways to represent this in the virtual world. This was a very exciting presentation because I was unaware of the many new developments within this area. Computer simulation is a field which is growing extremely fast with such developments which allow close to real world experiences. In Japan, it seems that enormous amounts of money is invested into making the user experience closer to that of the real world. 

I found the class activity very enjoyable. The group programed a set of tasks/puzzles that had to be solved to get the prize at the end. There were different levels to the game and once you passed each level, you got to the next stage. What I feel was important was the group allowing the class to experience AI within the one of the puzzles. This reflected well within the formal presentation and their topics discussed.

For me this was very enjoyable and clever how the activity was put together, great fun and the class really enjoyed it. Well done guys.  

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