Friday, 24 February 2012

Dr. Gabriela Avram's class on Knowledge and Work

In this class we discussed what was data, and how information is data in context. For example when you ask a question, the person will answer in context. As humans we learn things and then we make sense of it.  What is tassive knowledge? Riding a bike would be tassive knowledge, you can't really explain how to do it, but you have to get on a bike and learn. So through the experience we learn. It does not matter how many books you read on riding a bike, you still have to get on it to learn. 
In today's society, knowledge is open for anybody, with youtube and online tutorials. With knowledge that we have acquired, it's now possible to transfer this knowledge into the digital domain to share with others. We also talked about in class knowledge mapping and a good exercise to do is to make a knowledge map of all the information that you have acquired. We also talked about work and how work is not a place but something we do, which relates back to some of the topics we talked about in previous weeks.

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