Thursday, 12 April 2012

How taking art to the public eye can be healing

I came across an article on the British association of art therapist website and I found this to be very moving. The link to the article can been seen here,"exhibition"

Jackie explained that one reason they decided to hold the exhibition in the Forum is that it is a very public place. People going about their day-to-day lives might suddenly come across the paintings in the same way that women simply going about their lives can be confronted by a diagnosis of cancer. “There is lots of colour. They  are not all full of doom and gloom. They look fantastic, really impressive,” said Jackie. “These women have agreed to put their images on display, anonymously, and show something very private to the world. It felt really unsatisfactory that it would just end without anyone really being aware of what had happened. The women wanted to tell people how much they had got from the group. We want to go out with a bang, not a whimper!”
The art therapy group ran for more than three years, funded through charitable donations for women with
breast and gynaecological cancers, and led by Jackie and fellow art therapist.

This really shows you the healing power that work done by artist and presented in an exhibition can have a huge impact and help to support the healing process. 

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