Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Things we know...

Today I spent the most of the day re-shaping the code for the interactive bin. I have added two new button states to enable the bin and make it safer to use. This project itself could be fit for a final year project. Next week we have a presentation to finalize our essays to polish for submission, so I think we won't get prototyping next week, but could look towards doing this the following week, and we would be under less pressure. 

Just a though, this year has went so fast. We are almost finished. Classes are ending, and we enter into study week. The class battles on, completing work and meeting deadlines, what a bunch we are, Imedia 2012 has been an experience and I feel privileged to have shared my time, challenges and joys with this class. Just a little thank you as we slowly break up and head off to do our FYP's. All the best, good luck and thank you : ) 

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