Friday, 17 February 2012

Group Presentation (Relation between Art and Design)

Today's morning class was a presentation on the Relation between Art and Design. There was some interesting points made by the group made about how the cross pollination between scientists and artists/Designers (idea of convergence) allows new ideas to be introduced into the art and design world. The group also talked about Vulgarism, and the idea of convergence art. The notion of how art can be be made for the sake of it, is it exploration and the real life problems that are addressed was also discussed. Also the idea of reapportion of art materials was an interesting topic and the group activity was to design a chair but also choose material that we could recycle and reappropriate. 
Also discussed was how art can be unclear. This idea that art is unclear that when you get a cross pollination. Can art become clear as a result of a decision input (affordances).
The presentation finished with how Photoshop is used and we had a fun exercise on how to use this software in a fun creative way.   

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