Saturday, 18 February 2012

Research for the Bin Project.

So today I went scouting in search for a Motor that would allow our group to open and close our interactive bin prototype (BinBot).
If you go to any scrap yard, for sure you will have an abundance of these little motors, considering that every car will have at least two or three of these. 
I also got a 12V car battery and cables to make the connections. Also, I have a battery charger so that when we are testing over the next few weeks, we can keep the battery charged.
Last but not least, I also have a light that runs of the car battery. I was thinking that if the bin makes sound, that would be great, but that does not provide for all users, what if someone was blind? So I though of having a light that comes on when the bin lid is open, and this would allow us to make the prototype more interactive for all users.

Windscreen Motor diagram

This is what the motor looks like

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